Touro University California welcomes donations of certain items that can be auctioned at events to raise money for scholarships. Non-cash donations, or gifts-in-kind, can include tangible assets such as real estate, equipment, furniture, artwork, personal collections, wine, and so much more. Please note: At this time, TUC cannot accept gifts of vehicles, boats or aircraft. 

If  you wish to donate an in-kind gift, please call either Andrea Garcia (707.638.5272) or Joe Vallor (707.638.5477) in the Advancement Office.

If you have tax-deductibility questions, please review the rules outlined in IRS Publication 526, or feel free to contact the Touro University California Office of Advancement for advice.


Useful IRS Links

Publication 526: Charitable Contributions (PDF)

Form 8283 Noncash Charitable Contributions (PDF)

Instructions for Form 8283 - Noncash Charitable Contributions (PDF)

Disclaimer: The information contained here is intended only as a guide. It is not intended to provide legal, tax, or financial advice.


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