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83 students of diverse backgrounds have received scholarships since 2017, supporting them on their paths to helping others.


Over $656,000 has been raised and counting from our gracious sponsors and donors!




Get to know some of our recipients



“Representation is one of the most powerful motivators. I want to help others from diverse backgrounds see themselves in me or someone similar to them. Regardless of background, one of our greatest challenges in life is our state of mind. If I can help others believe in the possibilities, then the idea of overcoming challenges will become more realistic.”



School of Nursing Diversity Scholarship






 “Since 2010, I’ve volunteered and worked for organizations serving individuals with special needs and disenfranchised communities in California, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and Costa Rica. For the past five years, my focus has been to support individuals with autism in improving communication, daily living skills, and social skills through evidence-based practices.”



Graduate School of Education Diversity Scholarship







“From volunteering for several Latinx-based activist groups focusing on immigrant and workers’ rights to becoming President of the Latino Medical Student Association, I have vowed to serve underserved populations of color.”



College of Osteopathic Medicine Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Advancement (IDEA) Scholarship





“My family’s history of escaping war is just one of many stories shared by fellow students on the Touro campus. I hope to use the Diversity Award as a way to improve the education of more students to influence the next generation of healthcare providers in diverse and underserved communities.”



College of Pharmacy Diversity Scholarship




 Why These Scholarships Matter


Diversity allows us to put the puzzles of life together to solve the very complex issues that confront us. At Touro University California (TUC), we are the builders of tomorrow’s healthcare practitioners, administrators, Public Health advocates and professionals in the field of education. We take particular pride in the students that transform the spaces with their lived experience. Our servant leaders that are underrepresented in their respective professions provide experiences and understandings that have historically been absent.


Touro University California’s Vision for Diversity and Inclusion is: Collective responsibility in the obstruction of injustice through the intentional cultivation of a culture of inclusion beyond compositional diversity. Not only do we recognize a need for demographic shifts, but also a shift in the way that we think and practice. Our Mosaic scholarship is our effort to make that shift by investing in our students that are in the position to be the compositional and ideological change that is well overdue in healthcare and education.


A contribution to our mosaic is an investment in social justice. The recipients of the Mosaic Scholarship reflect a global village of change agents. Our students are attracted to TUC because of our social justice values. They will leave TUC with the ability to affect change as an embodiment of our values. For that reason, the Mosaic Scholarship is a celebration. We come together to celebrate the pieces of our puzzle that will produce transformative and inclusive excellence.



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