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One way Touro University gives back to our community and the world at large is through our research studies. From research on obesity and cardiovascular inflammation to communicable diseases, TUC researchers are committed to remaining at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs and enhance our student’s laboratory experience.

The TUC Research Fund

The TUC Research Fund is a designated fund whose purpose is to enhance our teaching and research opportunities. Through this fund we hope to advance our research in new directions. You can provide needed funding for disciplines that are traditionally underfunded and support those faculty members who are junior in rank. These funds can also be used to increase applicants’ competitiveness for subsequent funding. You can invest in TUC’s programs and research by providing gifts for immediate use or by creating an endowment fund – an endowment that provides funding for the most promising or pressing initiatives in research.

Email Andrea Garcia to Support the TUC Research Fund

The Endowed Research Chair

TUC’s Endowed Research Chairs are used to attract a faculty member who can advance research, help pay for student workers, and create opportunities for collaboration. If you are interested in establishing an endowed chair at TUC you can create a single fund endowment to develop a particular area of research. As the donor, you may establish this endowment as a general fund or specify a specific research initiative. The Research Chair Endowments can be named for you or for a special person to you.

Establish an Endowed Research Chair

The Endowed Research Start-Up Fund

The TUC Endowed Research Start-Up Fund provides the needed funding to recruit faculty and new research agendas of specific strategic importance.

To establish this fund, TUC seeks to raise $2,000,000 which will enable the Deans, Associate Deans for Research, and department chairs to support initiatives that will make an immediate impact. This endowment will defray the costs of equipment and space, start up the research, and involve the students right away. Endowments can be established at any time through a one-time gift or may be paid over multiple years up to five. Once created, the endowment’s principle may be supplemented by you or anyone else at any time.

To get started on creating a TUC Endowed Research Start-Up Fund in your name, please email Andrea Garcia at to begin exploring endowment funding options.

Create an Endowed Research Start Up Fund

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